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    Find out more: http://lifterLMS.comToday Joshua Millage and Chris Badgett discuss what a LRS is and how it relates to eLearning and your LMS business.A learning management system is the front end delivery of your educational content. A LRS is a learning record store, and it's part of the back end system some learning management systems use to store data and record educational events.Tin Can API is a way for LRSs to communicate with each other. LRSs and Tin Can API are advanced topics in the eLearning space, so a solo entrepreneur starting out with a course might not have a LRS right away.You can be extremely effective with a simple WordPress website and a LMS plugin like lifterLMS.You can sign up for our email newsletter at http://LMScast.com, and we'll send you information about case studies we're doing and comparisons between lifterLMS and other LMS plugins.