Connected Learning: Interest, Peer Culture, Academics

5 years ago
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We commissioned filmmaker Nic Askew ( to make a series of films about connected learning, an approach to learning designed for our times.This film introduces the thinking behind connected learning, which builds on the basics to make learning more relevant. It connects learning to people's interests, to real life, real work, real communities, and to the demands and opportunities of the digital age.The film asks:'Might the information age have presented us with the opportunity for a fundamental reimagining of the way we educate our children?''How might education come to life if children were to possess a burning need to know?''Might we each have a part to play?''Might this digital age hold the possibility of bringing us closer together?'Other films in the series:'Engaged''Everyone''Mentor''Play''Creative' participate in weekly webinars and be a part of an emerging community around connected learning, visit: learn more about ongoing research into connected learning, check out: see and share an infographic about connected learning: learn more about the six principles and three guiding values of connected learning:'t forget to visit our home website:

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